Scientific publications:

  • Conference articles:

2014 – P. Hartmann, D. Demory, C. Combe, R. Hamouda, A-C. Boulanger, M-O. Bristeau, J. Sainte-Marie, B. Sialve, J-P. Steyer, S. Rabouille, A. Sciandra and O. Bernard. Growth Rate Estimation of algae in Raceway Ponds: A novel Approach. 19th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control. Hartmann_etal_IFAC2014

  • Journal articles:

2020 – J.S. Weitz, S.J. Beckett, A.R. Coenen, D. Demory, M. Dominguez-Mirazo, J. Dushoff, C-Y. Leung, G. Li, A. Magalie, S.W. Park, R. Rodriguez-Gonzalez, S. Shivam and C. Zhao. Intervention Serology and Interaction Substitution: Modeling the Role of ‘Shield Immunity’ in Reducing COVID-19 Epidemic Spread. Nature Medecine.

2020 D. Demory, R. Liu, Y. Chen, F. Zhao. A.R. Coenen, Q. Zeng, J.S. Weitz. Linking light-dependent life history traits with population dynamics for Prochlorococcus and cyanophage. mSystem.

2019 – S. Breton, J. Jouhet, U. Guyet, V. Gros, J. Pittera, D. Demory, F. Partensky, H. Doré, M. Ratin, E. Maréchal, N.A. Nguyen, L. Garczarek, C. Six. Unveiling membrane thermoregulation strategies in marine picocyanobacteria. New Phytologist.

2018D. Demory, A-C. Baudoux, A. Monier, N. Simon, C. Six, P. Gei, F. Rigaut-Jalabert, D. Marie, A. Sciandra, O. Bernard and S. Rabouille. The Micromonas genus: sentinel of the warming ocean. The ISME Journal. Demory_ISME_2018

2018D. Demory*, C. Combe*, P. Hartmann, A. Talec, E. Pruvost, R. Hamouda, F. Souillé, P-O. Lamare, M-O. Bristeau, J. Sainte-Marie, S. Rabouille, F. Mairet, A. Sciandra and O. Bernard. How do microalgae perceive light in a high-rate pond? Towards more realistic Lagrangian experiments. Royal Society open science.*first co-authors. Demory_Combe_RSO_2018

2017D. Demory, L. Arsenieff, N. Simon, C. Six, F. Rigaut-Jalabert, P. Gei, D. Marie, E. Bigeard, S. Jacquet, A. Sciandra, O. Bernard, S. Rabouille and A-C. Baudoux. Temperature is a key factor involved in Micromonas – virus interactions. The ISME Journal. Demory_ISME_2017


Popular publications:

2017D. Demory, M. Gaubert and S. Jacquet. Les virus marins sont-ils les régulateurs de l’écosystème et du climat océanique ? SUBAQUA nn° 273. Subaqua_2017_Virus


Field works:

2018 Oceanographic cruise on board Tangaroa, Chatham rise, New Zealand (NIWA).

2011 Oceanographic cruise on board the coriolis II, Saint-Laurent Estuary and Sagueney fjord, Québec, Canada (ISMER-UQAR).


Conferences, summer schools and collaborations:

2019 SCOPE annual meeting, Simons Foundation, New York, USA.

2019 Mortality workshop, Lindell lab, Technion, Haifa, Israel.

2019 Visiting scholar in Lindell lab, Technion, Haifa, Israel.

2018 SCOPE annual meeting, Simons Foundation, New York, USA.

2018 ISME 17, Leipzig, Germany.

2018 Aquatic Virus Workshop, Lincoln Nebraska, USA.

2018 Ocean science meeting, Portland Oregon, USA.

2017 SCOPE annual meeting, Simons Foundation, New York, USA.

2017 Viromics workshop, Ohio State University, Colombus, USA.

2016 Molecular and Biophysical Aspects of Photosynthesis, School of Pure and Applied Biophysics, Venice, Italy.

2015 SAME 14, Aquatic Microbial Ecology,  Uppsala, Sweden.






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